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  • Secure Accommodation Providing safe, secure accommodation with around the clock support for young women aged under 25 with infants.
  • Improved Confidence Helping young mothers successfully transition into the community with improved levels of self-confidence and employability.
  • Onsite Education Providing an understanding of child development and the practical application of parenting skills.

About the Need

The Hobart City Mission believes this project will ultimately change the fabric of the Tasmanian community as a whole. The important part of being a community is coming together to think of solutions to challenging problems and make those solutions a reality.

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  • For Young Women The project will provide young women with a safe and nurturing environment to continue their education, develop good parenting skills and engage in their community with confidence in themselves.
  • For Those In Need The project is aimed towards young women up to the age of 25 with infants and/or young children who are considered to be at risk of homelessness and/or having their child removed into State Care.
  • Helping Individually The philosophy of this program is not to have constraints but to be able to cater to the individual needs identified for each resident.

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We are currently in the process of developing a new website, to better provide information and assitance to you. 

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Safe Haven for couch surfing young mums


Small Steps Mercury photo

Having recently spent a Sunday celebrating mothers all over Tasmania, it is hard to believe that right here in Hobart there are mothers who were not only not celebrated and pampered yesterday, but may not even have spent the day with their child. 

There is a big problem in Tasmania, yet you probably don’t know about it because it’s also an invisible problem.  

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Read more: Safe Haven for couch surfing young mums

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A critical factor is that this program is not primarily funded by any one funding body so that there will be no restrictions imposed regarding type of service provision. This enables the program to stay true to purpose and provide the support and services required by each individual resident.

The Hobart City Mission is a Not For Profit Charitable Organisation therefore registered for Deductible Gift Recipient (any donation or gift are eligible for tax deduction).

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